June 1

Events: Graduation Ceremony To Be Held At Telecommunications

A sneak peak inside Telecommunications High School auditorium, the site of PS 102’s Fifth Grade Moving Up Ceremony.

by Zameen

Ms. Sichenze recently met with the Journalism Stars club. When asked why she was willing to talk to them about the upcoming 5th grade graduation, she confessed that her major was in journalism and that she loved to see such budding young writers.

One of the things that the club learned was that 5th grade graduation isn’t really a graduation at all – it’s a Moving Up Ceremony. “You get your first actual graduation in 8th grade,” she explained. But that doesn’t mean that the 5th graders can’t treat it like one!

This year, for the first time ever, 5th grade students won’t graduate in P.S. 102. They’ll graduate at Telecommunications High School. P.S. 102’s auditorium just isn’t big enough anymore to fit all 240 or so students as well as 2 guests for each student. But Ms. Sichenze is positive that this year’ graduation will be good.

The important thing, anyway, is not the room, but the graduates in it. Ms. Sichenze is extremely proud of all the diversity in our school. “There are at least 22 languages spoken under this roof,” she says. “It’s amazing how it’s so multicultural.”

This graduation is sure to be a special one.



Photo Credit: http://archinect.com/stv1/project/high-school-of-telecommunication-arts-technology-brooklyn-ny

May 31

On My Mind: Recycling

by Sama

Here I am reading my “Do Not Litter essay.” My essay was one of the finalists.

We have to do something about littering now. I would like to share my essay that won as one of the top finalists for the “Do Not Litter” essay contest. I hope you enjoy:

Littering is a big challenge we face now in our world. We all need work together to find some solutions. I would encourage the kids who are the same age or bigger than me to help clean up in my neighborhood (under supervision) for at least 2 hours every weekend to give people the idea to stop littering. I would also put up these signs everywhere that would say “Stop littering! Keep the world healthier and stronger for our future!” I would also spread out the word of the idea that each person should carry an  empty bag to put his or her wastes in it instead of throwing them on the ground. We can also persuade the government to make a law that who ever litters, has to pay a fine,and has to help the community for cleaning for at least 10 hours. We have to do something or we might not have a tomorrow! Communities can’t clean themselves, which is why we have to help make our community a better place! Maybe you can also help spread the word,tell everyone around you, so we can all have a better, brighter, cleaner future!


May 15

Game Review: Need For Speed: No Limits

by Ibrahim

Need for Speed: No Limits is a fun racing game that you can play on iOS and Android for FREE!.

Basically, you have a car to try and race against AI, or race online with the Blackridge mode, now in it’s 6th season. There are currently 26 cars, but more are being added. I have 5 cars which are: (I’m a car fanatic, so you might not know these) Subaru BRZ, Ford Fiesta ST, Toyota 86, VW Golf GTI, and (ON LOAN) Chevy Corvette Z06 C7. To earn cars, you have to get Blueprints. Blueprints are available in Campaign mode as a reward, or the Black Market. The cars I have Blueprints for are still in the works. Oh, I also forgot. Since NFS is CRAZY with customization, it’s role is as strong as ever! You have the freedom to customize you cars as much as you want! If you want this game, beware that it takes a whole gigabit of storage. Happy racing!

            Rating: 5 Stars!

May 13

On My Mind: Fidget Spinners

by Ibrahim

Fidget spinners have been a craze the past few weeks of school, and I’m starting to think this may affect our grades. I think this because if kids are playing around with these all day, it may start to affect their focus on school. ( I, frankly have one myself, but I don’t play with it too much anymore…) Most of these spinners have been confiscated by teachers. If they collect these spinners, kids will focus more on trying to sneak these in.

So, that’s what I think about fidget spinners. I have one last message: Keep it at Home!



May 13

On My Mind: Fidget Spinners

by Lawshada

Fidget Spinners are banned by many teachers at school, but why? When I asked Mr. Bianco, a fifth grade teacher about them, he said he didn’t really think that they are classroom toy.  Other teachers say they are distracting…but what do students say?

I asked some students what they think about fidget spinners. Some say its “very relaxing and fun” and other say its “waste of money”. Fidget spinners are “supposed” to be a stress relieving toy. It comes in variety of colors and designs. The materials include stainless steal, brass, titanium, copper and plastic.

What are your thoughts about fidget spinners? Do you agree that they are relaxing and fun or do you think that they aren’t appropriate for school? Comment below and let me know.

May 13

On My Mind: My Favorite Food

French Toastby Rhea

We all have a favorite food. Yours could be pizza or cake. But my favorite food is french toast.This is my favorite food because…

  1. Its a breakfast food and I love breakfast
  2.  You can pour whatever type of syrup and it still tastes delicious

This is why french toast is my favorite food.

What is your favorite food? Comment below and let me know!

May 13

Game Review: HorrorTale

by Maissaa

A new game came out called HORROR TALE!!!!! A game made by a fan of the original game , Under Tale, Horror Tale is basically the eviler version of the original .

Under Tale is about the 2 races (monsters and humans). Humans found out that monsters were able to absorb human souls . The king of humans declared war between the monsters and the monsters ended up losing . They were trapped under Mt. Ebbot  under a barrier made by the human wizards . A human named Frisk fell down into the underground . They met different monsters such as Sans the Skeleton and His brother THE GREAT PAPYRUS . They also met Toriel(care taker of the ruins),Asgore (the king),MK (Monster Kid),Undyne (the head of the royal Guard),Alphys (The royal scientist),Asriel(the king and Queens son).

Horror Tale is after the Neutral Run (I’m not going to spoil the game, so play if you want to know what I’m talking about) . The king dies and Undyne takes over .

I’ve seen other people play so I said  “sure why not.” I really hope you guys play it and have fun playing it. It’s really worth it if you ask me



May 4

Game Review: Minecraft

by Rhea

Guess what; there’s a new addition to Minecraft PC.. llamas. They now have llamas!

We all know that in Minecraft you can fly, kill monsters, build, and even farm. but now you can tame and possibly ride llamas. Llamas I tell you, llamas.

But sadly as of today. its not the most bought app in the App Store. The most bought app is LightX. However, Minecraft is still my favorite game.

May 3

On My Mind: An Interview with a Book Fair Volunteer

by Maissaa

The Scholastic Book Fair was back at P.S. 102 last week! This was the second fair we had this year . There were a lot of interesting books. I interviewed Rana Abu-Sbaih, who is volunteer for the school Book Fair, as well as a P.S. 102 parent.

I asked Rana if Book Fairs are held in other schools . She said yes. She went or volunteered at the book fairs at I.S 30, P.S 170, and McKinley JHS. She really enjoys working at the book fairs because she loves reading, books, and children. She loves and enjoys working with Scholastic. She has been working with them for 10 YEARS !!! She must be an expert on how the Book Fair runs .

I didn’t have any money to buy any books, but Rana allowed my friends and I to take any book from their mini library. We even got to keep the books if we wanted!! We also got small key chains just for coming. The Book Fair was really interesting this year.

What are your thoughts on the Book Fair? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.